Tackling Teen Drug Use

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Tackling Teen Drug Use and Addiction Head On

It is easy to umbrella teenage drinking and drug use under kids being kids and experimenting.  Sometimes it is that simple, but often the problem is greater than it appears. Continued recreational drug use and drinking in the teen years has a number of negative effects, ranging from health problems such as memory loss, liver damage and loss of bone density to poor life choices with the potential to have negative impacts on their futures. Those who begin using drugs and alcohol in their teen years also have a much higher risk of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol later in life. The need to get help for teens who are presenting with a substance abuse disorder is vital, what with the health effects, implications on daily life choices and so their future, and the greater risk of addiction now and later in life.

Very often those who suffer from substance abuse and addiction, including teens, have a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety. Typically those with co-occurring disorders are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, meaning that not only do their addiction issues need to be addressed, but also their mental health.  Finding a program for teenagers that can help them tackle the underlying causes of their addiction, as well as their addiction and for some their behavioral health while allowing them to continue their education can be a daunting task.

Though it can be challenging to find an appropriate program, the sooner the problem is addressed the better the chances are for a life free of addiction and substance abuse. For those who are using opiates, like oxycontin or heroin, the risks become even greater as the chance of a deadly overdose is very real. For some teens the best option is a long term treatment program that also encompasses their education, allowing them to get the treatment they need and deserve.

Spire Recovery’s network of trusted treatment providers includes Sovereign Health and their White River Academy for boys in Delta, Utah, and their program for males and females aged 12 to 17, including those with eating disorders, in El Cajon, CA.

White River Academy takes a holistic approach to treatment for a variety of mental health, behavioral health and addiction issues, addressing nutrition and physical fitness with hands on cooking classes and unique fitness programs, as well as unique and challenging experiences to build confidence and coping skills.

Sovereign’s Rancho San Diego program in El Cajon, CA is designed for both males and females between 12 and 17 presenting with addiction and co-occurring disorders, as well as eating disorders, with an emphasis on family therapy. Those attending are provided with a long-term program that allows them to build a solid foundation of recovery before returning home.

If you think your teen has a problem with drugs or alcohol, this guide from the Partnership for Drug Free Kids gives parents good jumping off points for conversations to have and what to expect. (http://www.drugfree.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/2014-intervention_guide.pdf) . The sooner a problem with drugs or alcohol is addressed the better the chances are of long term recovery. Contact Spire today for additional resources, including our Nationally Certified Interventionists and help accessing the best treatment options for your child.



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