Dedicated to helping you

Spire Recovery Group is here to help.  We are dedicated to provide access to the highest quality clinical care for treating addiction and substance abuse disorders for those individuals who struggle with drug addiction and/or alcohol abuse.  Our team continuously researches the latest evidence-based approaches;  from medically supervised detox and inpatient care, to intensive outpatient programs and counseling.  Spire Recovery Group will help you find the appropriate treatment for your specific needs in an environment of respect and support. Spire helps people take the proper steps towards recovery, reinforcing the skills they need to heal.

Those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction need support, understanding and expert guidance. Most of all, you need treatment that is effective. At Spire our caring and knowledgeable staff knows the types of treatment that work, giving you access to all the tools you need to succeed.

We cannot wait for someone to hit “rock bottom.  This epidemic of drugs and alcohol has taken too many, too soon.  Families and individuals please act now and we can help you with any and all of these options:

  • Stage an intervention
  • Suggest a medical detox facility
  • Provide a multitude of treatment options based on the individual’s needs
  • Navigate through insurance questions and coverage
  • Aftercare and outpatient services
  • Sober Coaching
  • Sober Transportation

Please note that our services are CONFIDENTIAL.  Call today 1-(844) 743-5724!