Self Care in the Summer Months

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Self Care in the Summer Months

For those in recovery the change of seasons often means the need reassess what your self-care looks like. Summer brings with it wedding season, summer celebrations, and often a busier schedule what with kids at home and the desire to fit in all of our favorite summer activities.

With a far busier schedule and more temptations and triggers present the need to focus on your self-care is even more important, but fitting it in can be difficult with the seemingly endless family and social obligations. Here are some ideas to try this summer that will pair well with even the busiest schedule:

Yoga: This time of year you may even be able to find early morning outdoor yoga sessions at local beaches and parks. Getting up even earlier may seem counterintuitive to a self-care routine but it is worth it in the long run if that’s what is required to fit it in!

Meditation: If you’ve never practiced meditation don’t expect your first try to be spiritually mind blowing, it takes time! Give it a solid week of daily sessions, of whatever amount of time you can fit in. Aim for 30 minutes, but even a few minutes are better than none! For more on meditation check out Wildmind Buddhist Meditation.

Walking: Exercise is a great form of self care, but sometimes a quiet, calm walk is what’s called for. Have a good friend join for some social time as well with someone you can relax and be yourself with. Pair it with a quick lunch for a midday treat to yourself.

If you feel yourself slipping in your recovery, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help, we’re here 24/7!

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