Important of Mindfulness in Recovery

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What is Mindfulness and Why is it Important in Your Recovery?

How often do you find yourself letting past mistakes or negative experiences affecttoday’s decisions or your reaction to a situation? If you’re like most of us, probably too often. When we let our past influence our future by holding onto
mistakes and fear we stunt our ability to grow and make positive changes in our life. Our past mistakes led us to where we are today, they are part of our journey and that is all. It’s not our past that holds us back, it’s focusing on it with regret instead of living in the present. This habit can be highly detrimental to those in recovery who are working on reinventing themselves and building a strong foundation of sobriety.

Mindfulness is about being present in the here and now, without the influence of the past. Living mindfully allows us to not be blinded by our emotions, or conversely living so rationally we leave all emotion out of our decisions.

So how DO you live mindfully?

  • Observe with all of your senses
  • Notice without getting caught up in the activity around you
  • Participate fully without getting pulled back into worrying and fear
  • One task at a time, instead of multitasking
  • Be non-reactive by noticing where your mind goes, and pulling it back when needed
  • Be Non-Judgmental by noticing tour experiences without judging them as positive or negative
  • Describe your experiences with only the facts

Like any new skill set, practicing mindfulness can be difficult at first. Start with something simple like observing an object for a few minutes with the purpose of doing nothing else but noticing that object. Check out Pocket Mindfulness for more ideas and exercises.  Don’t get discouraged, the object is not perfection but to help you live in the present, free from the weight of the past and able to move forward in a positive direction.

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