Hidden In Plain Sight

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Just How Easy Is It For Someone to Conceal Drug Use From Their Loved Ones?

The answer is “Very easy”.

If someone wants to hide drugs and drug paraphernalia they can do so with little effort using every day objects. An empty disposable lighter, an empty can of Pringles, a dried out marker, even a hollowed out iPod can all be used to hide drugs. For the more savvy, a simple search on Amazon.com using the keyword “diversion” will pull up everything from fake lint rollers to empty containers of salt that can all be used to hide drugs. Something as innocuous as a dryer sheet or fabric refresher can be being used to hide the odors associated with specific drug use.

If you know your loved one has used drugs in the past, becoming as educated as they are on how to hide drugs in plain sight is vital to prevent or end the cycle of addiction. The Akron Children’s Hospital’s Hidden In Plain Sight initiative provides loved ones with ideas of what to look for in someone’s room, as well as what to look for on your computer regarding online marketplaces for drugs.

Akron’s model has taken off with youth programs across the country. A quick search in your local area using the keywords “Hidden in Plain Sight” may very well pull up a list of upcoming events featuring an interactive mock bedroom for you to explore signs of drug use in an everyday bedroom. If you suspect drug use, head over to The Partnership for a Drug Free America for a comprehensive list of signs and symptoms to look for.

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