Andrew’s Story of Recovery

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I first started using drugs, I guess it started in high school. I played soccer, I was the captain of my high school soccer team. In let’s say, 8th or 9th grade I started smoking pot. I was a big pot head, smoking bowls, or blunts, or bongs every couple hours, while I was still […]

Tackling Teen Drug Use

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Tackling Teen Drug Use and Addiction Head On It is easy to umbrella teenage drinking and drug use under kids being kids and experimenting.  Sometimes it is that simple, but often the problem is greater than it appears. Continued recreational drug use and drinking in the teen years has a number of negative effects, ranging […]

Hidden In Plain Sight

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Just How Easy Is It For Someone to Conceal Drug Use From Their Loved Ones? The answer is “Very easy”. If someone wants to hide drugs and drug paraphernalia they can do so with little effort using every day objects. An empty disposable lighter, an empty can of Pringles, a dried out marker, even a […]